Where I stand on issues 

  • Work to reduce reckless government spending
  • Continued support of programs to bring back lost industries

  • Preserve and protect the Constitution

  • Education reform and equitable salaries for teachers

  • Reduce the size and regulatory power of government

  • Extremely harsh penalties for dealers and human traffickers

  • Continue to strengthen military and space programs

  • Energy independence - Support electric vehicles programs

  • Support Israel

  • Eliminate any foreign aid to terrorist sympathetic countries

  • Foreign aid based on humanitarian needs 

  • Hold government officials to MUCH HIGHER standards

  • Reinforce State's rights

  • Secure borders and develop Amnesty With A Heart plan

  • Mortgage reform by repealing Dodd-Frank  and Gramm Leach Bliley Acts

  • Better healthcare by covering pre existing conditions, tort reform, companies compete across state lines, health savings plan, make it easy and less expensive to roll-out new drugs and medical devises.

  • Reform student loan program.  Greatly reduce interest on student loans for students that graduate. 

  • Work to streamline broken immigration Service

 Serving America as a Naval Fighter
 Pilot. Now asking for the privilege
 to serve America once again with
 the same commitment, honor,
 integrity, ethics, and accountability.



-Edward Goldfarb

Life Experiences and Skills  Few "Bring To the Table"...

​From 2008 until the election of Donald Trump, we came so close to losing our wonderful country to the Global Socialist.  While all the damage done by the Obama administration may not be totally undone, President Trump is doing an awesome job of damage control and restoration. This is despite the fact he is undermined by  the MSM and many establishment legislatures on both sides of the aisle.  I am asking your support. Let me serve once again by sending me to Washington so "we" can support President Trump's "Make America Great Again" agenda.  With your help we can continue to unravel Obama's subversive agenda and "we" will play a very aggressive role in the full restoration of the Republic for our children and our children's children. God Bless America!

President Trump Needs Continued Support

Who are you voting for?

Unfortunately, most people are uninformed about their governments, their politicians, or both.

Few "bring to the table" my unique set of skills and life experiences.  Leadership experience as the youngest navy fighter pilot to law enforcement experience as a Miami-Dade deputy sheriff to budgeting and management skills as a director of advertising and sales promotion for several major chain stores including AutoZone and Jewel Company to problem solving ability and negotiation skills a 29 year career as a Realtor. My opponent Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a career politician. After her graduation from the University of Florida, she went to work for Florida Representative Peter Deutsch. She served on his staff for several years before she was elected as a Florida congresswoman. From college to the House of Representatives, what life experiences does she have? What real jobs has she held, what has she been accountable and responsible for and what financial adversity has she had to face and overcome? 

Does she have business experience? Does she have military experience? Does she have law enforcement experience? How has she been able to establish empathy with and understand the hardship faced by people and families every day or is she simply out of touch with life's trials and tribulations?

On the other hand, I am NOT a politician; however, here is why I am extremely well qualified to represent us in the U.S. House of Representatives. Additionally, I have had to overcome personal adversity twice which made me a better stronger person.

The navy motto is, "Non sibi sed patriae (Not for self, but for Country)". This is how I have lead my life and how I will continue to represent us in Congress. Can my opponent make this commitment? Does my opponent have my life experiences? Because if she did, would she have the empathy, the accountability, and the skills necessary to be a true leader?

I was honored to be selected to naval flight school and then privileged to be eligible for training in the highly sought after fighter pilot training. From the navy, I not only learned to be a team player and flew with the finest pilots in the World, but I was also taught leadership, management, diplomacy, delegation skills,  and to be accountable for my actions. Honor, integrity, ethics and an intense love for my country was instilled in my fiber and defined me as a young naval officer.

As a deputy sheriff I was taught civil, criminal and Constitutional law. I had to defuse the most hostile situations in a calm rational manner. I often put myself in harm’s way without regard to my personal safety.  I was diplomatic with people from all walks of life and treated everyone with dignity and respect. I also received a letter of accommodation.

As a senior manager with several Fortune 500 retail chains, I used my leadership, management and delegation skills. In addition, I learned high level negotiations as I would negotiate million dollar contracts, and how to create win-win scenarios. I was responsible for the creation of multimedia advertising campaigns and exercised a great deal of creativity in the performance of my job. As department head I had 25 associates, two advertising agencies and many other sub-contractors reporting to me in addition to administrating multi-million dollar budgets and was charged with the responsibility of keeping within my budgetary restraints.

A trusted name in real estate since 1990 I have lead a highly successful real estate team. We have over 1900 sales and for the past 29 years I have operated my business without a single client complaint and with the honor, integrity and accountability I learned as a 21 year old naval officer and fighter pilot.

During the course of my life I have lost everything twice and had to start over. Without missing a beat, I learned from my mistakes and came back stronger, bigger and better than ever.

As YOUR Representative, I promise to put America first and to represent the will of the people. While I have to be elected by the voters in Florida District 23, at heart, I represent every one of the +/-320 million people in America. One of my primary objectives will be to set up a survey system to poll the people in order to know how the people want me to vote on key issues.

I'm Ed Goldfarb, your future Representative.

"Non Sibi Sed Patriae."

(Not for self, for country.)

                       -Navy Motto

Goldfarb For  Congress

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  • Battle Hymn of the Republic3:40

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